New Industry research indicates that secondary pool filtration, like the Enduro,  significantly reduces biofilm, and chlorine consumption.

Extra Filtration

Rates may vary slightly from state to state, and will be adjusted to accommodate special features required for your pool.

Enduro drive motors are a unique SS 24v solution that have been durable performers for many years, and work for over 2,000 hrs before requiring a simple rebuild..

The Enduro "Extra" filter provide a flexible solution. Some place a coarse filter under the hood and a larger filter on the pump discharge.

Recently many pool owners detailed how much it really costs them to vacuum their pools each month. This included:

* How many hours a week they were normally vacuumed, and whether it was enough to really provide a clean pool or not.

 *What hourly rates were paid (including benefits & sick time), and whether those employees were reliable and thorough.

* Did the cleaning include overtime (pools must be closed during vacuuming), and did the vacuum pole even reach the middle of the pool?

Their findings? A 4-year No Worries Pool Cleaning Program cleaned quicker and better, and with guaranteed results.

Affordable - Nothing can clean your pool for less than a reliable robotic vacuum

Face it, robotic vacuums can be a real pain... in your back and in your wallet. Until now. We invite you to read on and learn more. 
The Enduro-TurboClean changes everything. It's fast, powerful, versatile, reliable, and the ONLY field maintainable repairable robotic vacuum in the swimming pool industry. Period. 

Unique... Forget everything you know about robotic Vacuums. 

Unique on-site service program means that your Enduro Vacuum never leaves your pool deck.​ 

The powerful Enduro vacuum pump reliably performs for thousands of hours and can be replaced in seconds if needed.

Unlike every other "plastic" cleaner on the market, the Enduro is built on a sturdy SS frame complete with a 7-Year structural warranty. 


Powerful, Reliable Robotic Vacuums, Maintained On Your Site !

For years, customers were led to believe that it was normal to pay good money for plastic, unreliable robotic vacuums, and wait for weeks and months every time it broke, while paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in temporary fixes.

Sounds silly doesn't it. For the past 30 years, the Enduro-TurboClean robotic vacuum family has changed all that. IT is the ONLY robotic vacuum that is FULLY serviced and maintained ON THE POOL DECK. Superior engineering and years of on-site robotic cleaner maintenance experience has lead the way for the current Enduro Cleaners.

Enduro - Changing the way the industry thinks about robotic pool cleaners

Double Filters

SS Frame